• Ballyhoo!
  • Ballyhoo!


The game about Bible books, people and places

Match the cards then shout an answer - what a ballyhoo!

Some Bible know-how needed so it's a great way of developing Bible characters and themes

Categories include Old and New Testament books, Old and New Testament people, cities and towns, and Bible animals


Age 8+

Players 2+

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Ballyhoo! rules

The game contains picture cards of 6 different Bible categories. The matching clue cards provide a selection of possible answers to each category. The picture cards are shuffled and one card is dealt face down to each player. When the dealer calls, the cards are turned face up so everyone can see them clearly. If 2 or more picture cards match, then those players shout out an answer to that category. The player who answers correctly first wins all the matching cards. 2 or more matching sets may appear each round. A winning answer cannot be used again by any player during the game. All unclaimed cards go back into the pack. The remaining cards are dealt out for another round. Play continues until the number of cards is less than the number of players or there are no more matching cards. The winner is the player with the most cards. 

Ballyhoo! tips

  • The first player to collect at least one card from each of the six categories wins
  • The player with the most cards from a single category at the end wins
  • Turn over one card at a time and get the players to shout out a matching answer to win the card
  • For younger players, why not try a simple game of Snap. There are only six different picture cards so matching pairs should appear regularly.

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