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The game about Bible numbers

Match the numbers with the colours but be ready for some action

No Bible know-how needed so it's a great way to introduce Bible characters and themes

Categories include Old and New Testaments, the Plagues of Egypt and the Ten Commandments

Age 8+

Players 2+

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Numbers rules

There are 4 sets of coloured cards matching 4 different Bible subjects, along with 6 special cards. Each coloured set has 10 numbered cards and 2 action cards. Deal 6 cards to each player. The rest are placed face down as a draw pile. A numbered card is turned over to form a discard pile. Players discard their cards in turn by matching the number or colour with the top card in the discard pile. Action cards are played with, and followed by, the matching colour. The special cards can be played anytime. After each special card, the player chooses a colour. Action or special cards cannot be played as a final card. Anyone unable to match the top card must lift a card from the draw pile. When the draw pile runs out, lift the top card from the discard pile and shuffle the rest to form a draw pile. When a player is down to their last card they must shout out "numbers". Anyone who fails to do so before the next person plays must lift a card as a penalty. The winner is the first player to discard all their cards but, remember, the last card must be a number card. 

Numbers tips

  • If you have more than one matching number card, eg. red 2, blue 2, green 2, why not play them all
  • Play two or more cards that add up to the top card, eg. a purple 2 and a purple 3 can be played on top of a red 5

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