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  • Bible Belles
Bible Belles

Bible Belles

The game about Bible women

Discover scripture sisters and helpful heroines but don't get caught with the devious divas

No Bible know-how needed so it's a great way of introducing characters and stories

Featuring over 60 different women - sisters, mums, grannys, heroines and just a few divas

Age 6+

Players 2+

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Bible Belles rules

Shuffle the cards and place them face down as a draw pile. Each player in turn lifts a card.  If you draw a Scripture Sister, keep it. Draw a Bible Belle, keep it and draw another card. Pick a Devious Diva then lose all your cards and set them, face up, on one of the four sides of the draw pile. When you draw a Marvellous Mum you can claim one pile of lost cards.  A Helpful Heroine helps you claim all the lost cards. When Great Granny appears, everyone else gives you one of their cards because everyone loves their Granny! A Generous Girl means you give all your cards to another player. Place a Squabbling Sibling on top of someone's cards and remove them all from play. Female Felons cause you to steal someone else's cards and keep them. The winner is the player with the most cards when the last card from the draw pile has been played.


Bible Belles tips

It's always tempting to use a Generous Girl to give cards to a friend, or use a Squabbling Sibling to thwart the efforts of your brother or sister. Try to play tactfully and give cards to the player with the least and take cards from the player with the most. 

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