• Animal Scramble
  • Animal Scramble
Animal Scramble

Animal Scramble

The game about Bible animals

Follow the clues then scramble to find the matching animals

More Bible know-how needed so it's a great way of expanding Bible stories and themes. This is our most difficult game (or at least it is if you don't know the answers)

Featuring 27 different mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects from across both Testaments

Age 8+

Players 2+

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Animal Scramble rules

The game contains 2 sets of cards. Each picture card shows an animal from the Bible. The matching clue cards provide 3 clues to each animal. The clues are graded with the most difficult, or least known, clue at the top of the card.

The picture cards are spread out face up. On each turn, a different player reads out a clue from a clue card. The other players try to identify the animal then scramble to find the matching picture card. If the animal has not been identified after all 3 Bible clues have been read out, any additional clue may be given. The winner is the first player to grab 10 matching cards or hold the most cards when all the animals have been claimed.

Animal Scramble tips

  • Replace the claimed picture cards and use them again by giving a different clue but remember to keep the score
  • Place the picture cards face down for a bit of manic scrambling
  • Try drawing or miming the animals for yur team to guess using the clue cards to help you. Sound effects would certainly help!
  • Starting form the top of the clue card, award 3 points if the animal is identified after the first clue, 2 points after the second clue and a single point for the last clue. Remove 1 point if the player/team fails to identify the animal
  • Give out bonus points if someone grabs a related animal from the same Bible story. For example, David fought off a lion and a bear while protecting his dad's sheep


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