Babble.on rules: Each card contains the name of a Bible person, four related facts and Bible references. The facts are graded with the most difficult fact first. Old Testament people are printed in red and New Testament people in purple. Divide players into teams and take turns in rotation.

There are 3 ways to play:
1. Starting from the top, read out the clues one by one while your team tries to guess the name of the person.

2. Read out the name of the person and get your team to guess the 4 related facts.

3. Give clues to the person without revealing the name or any of the 4 related facts. Players may pass over any card during the game. If a player reveals a name or detail at the wrong time, the card must be replaced. The winner is the first team to gain 10 cards or the most cards within an agreed time.

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The game about bible people

2+ players
ages 8+


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